A new vision : trust the Chef, you’ll surprise yourself !

Just as you would trust your friends when they invite you to a meal at home, David Enjalran and his entire team offer you their new formulas to discover the gourmet Chef choices according to the seasons and the day deliveries.
A single motto: be a devil, you will be the first surprised to discover what your tastes really are!
To define your taste buds sensitivity to certain products, our staff will guide you through a list.

A philosophy at work

The culinary audacity of David Enjalran transforms his dishes in paintings of wandering fragrances.
He defines his dishes as perfumes whose ingredients subtly mingle. He calls himself a culinary perfumer.
Constantly in search of new flavors, he draws new associations from his gourmet dreams, his memories and his own experience of tastes from all over the world.
He will surprise you by his creative cuisine, his taste and his vision in working a product and his way of revisiting the classics of French gastronomy.

Our Workshops

To protect the harmony of the meal, all the dinner guests of the same table have to choose the same workshop.

  • Temptation Workshop at 75€ per person (entry, dish and dessert)
  • Inspiration Workshop at 85€ per person (entry, fish, meat and dessert)
  • Tasting Workshop at 105€ per person (2 entries, fish, meat, cheese and dessert)
  • Child workshop at 18€ (fish or meat with topping, dessert and beverage)
  • Special Workshop Vegetarian 55€ per person (entry, dish and dessert) being
    able to be individually prepared